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How you hang your curtains can change the entire room. This is what we at Gardinex give you
the tips on how to hang your curtains for best results!

How should curtains hang?

How should curtains actually hang?

This is a question with many answers because it is a matter of taste. But there are some things you can think about so that your curtains hang as nicely as possible and make the room look bigger and airier.

Here we give you tips on how curtains should hang to give a cozy and luxurious feeling!

1. Curtains should hang high!

One of the most classic tips when it comes to how curtains should hang is that they should hang high.

By this we mean that the curtains are allowed to hang as close to the ceiling as possible and then fall all the way down to the floor.

If you do not have the opportunity to mount curtain rails directly on the ceiling, you can mount them on the wall but exactly at ceiling height. A good rule of thumb is that the curtain rail should sit at least 20 cm above the top window ledge, but the higher the better as this enlarges the window.

Here at Gardinex, we have curtain rails that can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the wall. They are easy to assemble and it is easy to hang your made-to -measure curtains .

2. Choose the right length

The length of your curtains is very important.

If they are too long, they will drag on the floor and there is a risk that someone will step on them or that they will get dirty. If they are too short, it will look strange and the room will feel smaller.

How should curtains hang when it comes to length then? Here you have two choices.

You can either let the curtains hang so that they float just above the floor. Or you can let them drag on the floor by a few centimetres.

With us, you can buy made-to-measure curtains to get exactly the length you want.

3. The more fabric the better

A lot of fabric is preferable when it comes to curtains.

If you have a narrow curtain next to a large window, it will look out of place.

A rule of thumb here is to have at least twice as much fabric as the width of the window, but you are welcome to have more.

A lot of fabric creates a warm and cozy feeling reminiscent of a luxurious hotel room.

We have two widths of curtains to choose from:

Single width which has a width of 150 cm and double width which has a width of 300 cm.

If you have a wider wall, you can of course hang several curtains next to each other to get more fabric.

4. Double curtains

How the curtains should hang depends on the window and the room.

If the window is centered in the middle of the room, you can hang curtains on either side of the window.

Feel free to let the curtains cover the wall and as much of the window as possible be visible to maximize the light entry.

If you have different amounts of wall on each side of the window, a tip is to hang a narrower curtain
on the smaller side and a wider curtain on the side where you have a lot of wall.

If the room is small and narrow where there is not much wall, it may be enough to hang a narrow, thin curtain on one side of the window to cover as little of the window as possible. however, keep in mind that the curtain should be as wide as the window so that you can pull it if necessary.

If you have several windows in a row, it can be a bit tricky to know how the curtains should hang. If there is a wall between the windows, it is nice to also hang curtains there.

5. Choose the right style

Regardless of how you hang your curtains, it is important to find a style of curtains that suits the room.

Think about which room they will be hanging in. In the bedroom you might want a pair of darker and thicker curtains, while a pair of lighter and thinner curtains would be better in the kitchen or living room.

We help you with how curtains should hang

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