What color curtains for white walls?

Article published at: May 8, 2023
Vilken färg på gardiner till vita väggar?
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How should you think when choosing which color of curtains to have for white walls? Here we go through this and much more about color selection!

When it comes to choosing curtains, there is a whole host of colors to choose from. Of course, you should choose a color you like, but there are some tips you can take into account to create a cozy and cozy feeling in the room.

Here we go through what you should think about and which color of curtains for white walls you should choose!

Choose the curtain color for white walls according to the conditions of the room. The big advantage of white walls is that curtains in basically all colors and patterns fit. What you can instead think about when choosing which color of curtains for white walls you want is the conditions of the room.

If the room is large and has a high ceiling, curtains in a warmer color can make the walls feel closer to each other and the room has a more cozy feeling. Smaller rooms can instead feel larger with curtains in light and cooler colors.
A hot tip is to choose neutral colors that go tone-on-tone with the white walls in the room.

For example, beige and light gray can go well with white walls. What you need to keep in mind is that white refracts to either warm and cold so when you match the color of curtains with white walls, the color of the curtains may look different in pictures/curtain swatches than how you experience the curtains once you hang them.

Different colors are associated with certain values ​​that can affect you and how you feel. For example, green is considered a calming color, while brown is associated with stability and security. Starting from the classic color theory can be good when you have to choose which color of curtains for white walls you should have.

Let the colors in your home interact

The most important thing when it comes to which color of curtains you should choose for white walls and other furnishings is that you let the colors interact. The colors of the walls, floor, curtains and furniture need to be coordinated in order to create harmony and a cozy feeling in the room.

Choose the color of your curtains according to color theory
● Green element – ​​The color green is associated with nature and creates calm and harmony in the home. Therefore, green curtains fit well into all types of rooms.

● Blue touch – The color blue is associated with sky and sea which calms the mind and helps you stay focused. Therefore, blue curtains fit well in the bedroom and office.

● Gray element – ​​The color gray is a neutral color associated with trust and balance.
Therefore, gray is a perfect color for curtains if you want to balance out the other colors in the interior.

● Brown element – ​​The color brown is associated with earth and symbolizes security and order. Because the color is neutral, it can be combined with many other colors and fits in most rooms.

● Black element – ​​The color black symbolizes control and minimalism. Therefore, this color fits into stylish and simple homes where most things are in black and white.

● White touch – The white color is clean and simple. Therefore, white curtains fit into modern and minimalist homes.

● Yellow element – ​​The color yellow is a happy color associated with the sun. Therefore, yellow curtains are welcome to become part of the children's room.

● Red element – ​​The color red is associated with blood and love and is a color that grabs attention. Therefore, red curtains are good for hanging up, for example, in the kitchen.

Order curtain samples

Order home color samples to see how the color of the curtains is refracted against the wall. Here at Gardinex, you can order home free fabric samples for various linen curtains, velvet curtains, hotel curtains and blackout curtains and see how the color of the curtains meets the white wall color.

In this way, you can be sure that you get exactly the feeling you want to achieve in the room.
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