Curtain samples

Make your choice easier by ordering our free curtain samples with a few simple clicks. Choose between curtain samples in linen curtains, velvet curtains and blackout curtains!
Thin linen curtain

A thin and beautiful curtain in exclusive linen that allows light in! The thin linen curtain gives a sweet and airy feel with its soft fall, and the texture gives the room a timeless frame.

Hotel curtain
A stylish curtain that allows the light to generously flow in! The simplicity of the hotel curtain creates a minimalist and elegant feeling in the home. A delicious choice that fits into every room in the home.
Darkening Coarse Linen
Treat yourself to a good night's sleep with our coarse linen curtain in exclusive linen and viscose with black-out lining on the back. A luxurious and elegant choice for anyone who wants to transform their bedroom into a five-star hotel room!
Coarse linen curtain
A slightly thicker curtain in exclusive linen and viscose that also welcomes the light in with its elegant structure! The woven linen curtain has a heavier drape and is suitable for those who do not want a curtain that is too sheer.
Thin Textured curtain
Welcome the light with this fantastic fabric which is a combination of exclusive wool and linen. The structure of the fabric sets a clear mark and gives an immediate wow feeling in all rooms of the home.
Velvet curtain
An exclusive curtain that creates a cozy and luxurious feeling in the room. With its heavy fall, the velvet curtain creates a luxurious lounge atmosphere in the room. This is a classic curtain that never goes out of time. Can be combined with the hotel curtain to maximize the feeling.