Create the hotel feeling

Article published at: May 8, 2023
Skapa hotell-känslan
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Today, it is popular to decorate with double curtains, a so-called hotel feel, a pair of light and sheer curtains that let in light and a pair of heavier ones that can hang in front of the thin ones. It really gives a feeling of luxury!

The advantage of double curtains is that the sheer curtain allows a generous amount of light, but still provides a certain privacy protection once you have the blackout curtains parked to the side.

We recommend using the Hotel Curtain as the sheer fabric and either the Velvet Curtain or Blackout Coarse Linen as the heavy fabric.

If you are going to have this solution, you can count on it taking up extra space and the curtains "sticking out" more than usual because the sheer curtains will stick out behind the thicker curtains. If the room is cramped and has a small playing area, it can be difficult to achieve the hotel feeling.

To be able to get the hotel feeling in the room, you need to buy double curtain rails . Keep in mind that these also need to be mounted with a certain space between them. Approximately 8-10 cm.

We have a large selection of curtains in our range, all of which can be made to measure in length to fit your room.