This is curtainex

About us

When we started Gardinex in 2008, it was with a clear vision: to offer custom-made curtains of the market's most exclusive textiles for both homes and public premises. With carefully selected collections of curtains, which are always tailored in Sweden, we strive for the best total experience for our customers.
Today, Gardinex's exclusive and locally produced curtains can be found in both homes and offices, hotels, restaurants and event facilities all over Scandinavia. 
We know that proximity to both our producers and customers benefits both ourselves, everyone we work with and the environment. That's why all our curtains are made by professional and experienced seamstresses in our own sewing studios in Sweden - always with a strong focus on durability, quality and maximum flexibility for the customer .

More than just curtains

We know that curtains have the ability to change the atmosphere and feeling in both small rooms and large premises. Curtains regulate the admission of light and the feeling of space, but can also act as sound dampeners and demarcate to provide framing and intimacy. Although we humans have used curtains for hundreds of years and consider them a timeless part of our interiors, at the same time, the curtain is constantly changing in both design, material and function - something we always take into account. That's why we also think that we sell more than just curtains – we sell impressions and feelings.

We are with you during the entire curtain journey

We also know that it may sound like a simple thing to choose, buy and hang a curtain - but that in reality it often turns into a large and difficult project that includes many steps. That's why we decided early on that we would be there for our customers during the entire curtain process - whether it's curtains for the bedroom or for an entire hotel. With free curtain samples, advice and home visits (Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Copenhagen) we guide and make it easier for our customers to both choose and plan correctly.

Now we are everywhere

Considering the strong growth of e-commerce in recent years, it has also been important for us to make it as easy as possible for our customers to order their curtains online. That is why we have developed an online experience that is as detailed as it is easy to navigate, which allows our customers to try themselves out and choose freely among all our curtain types, textiles, colors and sizes to find the right solution.

We know that a curtain is more than just a curtain..