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It is important to take the correct measurements and specify the correct length before purchasing your new curtains, as this plays a role in the final result. Keep in mind that many rooms can be uneven and therefore it is always good to take different measurements in the room. Always take the shortest measurement of your measurement points.

We sew the length of the curtain according to what you specified in your order. Below we have compiled a complete guide on how to measure the length of your new curtains!

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Measure length of curtains

A wave curtain in single width covers a minimum of 25cm and a maximum of 75cm. A wave curtain in double width covers a minimum of 50cm and a maximum of 150cm.

A pleated blind in single width covers a minimum of 50cm and a maximum of 100cm. A pleated curtain in double width covers a minimum of 75cm and a maximum of 200cm.

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How wide should curtains be?

No! ALL our curtains are pre-hooked and two curtain weights are included with each curtain. So you don't need to buy any hooks or think about how to thread the hooks. You also don't need to buy any curtain weights. Nice huh? Your order is simply complete!

You can easily buy curtain rails from us that fit all our curtains. The curtain rails are available to order in 150 cm and 200 cm.

The curtain rails can be adjusted and made longer with the help of a joint part and can be cut to your desired length through our cutting service.

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Buy joints for curtain rails

Cut the curtain rail


The Wave style creates large undulating folds. The curtain will always keep those undulating pleats whether you pull or park it to the side.

The pleat band style creates simple small pleats in your curtain (so no big undulating waves). The curtain also hangs from the ceiling, which means that it obscures the curtain rail.

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For optimal blackout, the curtain(s) should cover wall to wall and from ceiling to floor.

The best blackout function is provided by the curtain with pleats, because a wave curtain lets light in between the waves.

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To create a hotel feeling in your room, you should use two layers of curtains. One layer of a thicker curtain and one layer of a thinner curtain. The hotel curtain is recommended to use as the thinner curtain.

Choose a ceiling-mounted curtain rail for a sense of space, and place the curtain rails 9-10 cm apart in the case of wave curtains. When it comes to pleated curtains, a 5 cm gap between each curtain rail is enough.

Buy hotel curtains

No! All our curtains are delivered pre-hooked. So you don't need to buy hooks or for that matter thread any.

All Gardinex curtain rails come in complete packages that can be mounted on the wall or ceiling.

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Install curtain rails

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Help with the installation of curtain rails

Delivery & Shipping

Our delivery times are 3 weeks after placing the order.

All curtains are sent by DHL/UPS to your nearest agent.

Curtain rails up to 150 cm are sent to the nearest agent with UPS.

Curtain rails up to 200 cm are sent with UPS home delivery.

If you have not collected your package in time, it will be returned to us at Gardinex.

Uncollected packages are charged with SEK 149 and return of uncollected packages is charged with SEK 79.

Returns & Complaints

No - returns do not apply to customized products.

As all our curtains are custom made to your order and exact measurements, we cannot accept returns.

We offer a total of 30 days open purchase on non-measured products from the receipt of your order.

A 14-day right of return applies to all accessories. A prerequisite for the return is that the packaging must be unbroken.

Email to receive a return slip.

We will refund your money via the payment method you paid for your curtain rails.

We charge a return fee for the curtain rails.

If you need more information about your return - contact us!

If you believe that you have received defective curtains, we ask you to start a complaint case by emailing your order number with pictures to

We will then contact you for further support of your case.

Please note that normal wear and tear on products older than 1 year does not count as a complaint.

When we process products in our sewing studio, the fabric is measured before sewing, after sewing and after ironing, so that it always matches your specified measurement.

However, fabric is a living material that can change due to temperature and humidity etc. If your curtains have a difference of more than 1% from your specified measurement, we offer to send your curtains back so that we can adjust the length and then send them back to you again - completely free of charge.