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Choosing the right width of curtains is important for the room. Here we go through how wide
curtains you should have and what to think about when choosing width!

How wide should the curtains be?

Choosing the right width for your curtains is important and can make a huge difference to the room.

If you get the wrong curtain width, it can ruin the overall impression of your windows and they can look smaller than they really are.

How wide should the curtains be? We answer that question here as well as give tips on other things to think about so that your curtains create a cozy feeling in your home.

Choose between two fixed curtain widths

At Gardinex, you can order your curtains in the length you want. When it comes to how wide your curtains should be, there are two fixed widths to choose from: single width and double width.

But remember that you can hang several curtains next to each other if you have a wider wall.

You also need to consider that when you hang your curtains, they will not be as wide as the measurement for the width.

This is because the curtains are pleated to get a nice drape.

Single width – 150 cm

Our one fixed curtain width is called single width and they are 150 cm wide when fully extended.

When suspended, the Wave curtain is at least approximately 25 cm and at most 75 cm wide.

The pleated curtain is at least approximately 50 cm and at most 100 cm wide.

Single width is a good width for curtains when there is only a narrow part of the wall you want to cover, for example if it is a small room or an asymmetrical window that is close to the wall on one side.

If you have several windows next to each other, a single width can also be used to hang between the windows without there being too much fabric.

Double width – 300 cm

Our other fixed width is double width.

These curtains are 300 cm wide when fully extended.

When suspended, the Wave curtain is at least approximately 50 cm and at most 150 cm wide.

The pleated curtain is at least approximately 75 cm and at most 200 cm wide.

Double width is a good width for curtains when you want to cover a lot of surface, for example if you want to cover an entire wall up to where the window begins.

Then you may need several curtains of double width that you hang next to each other.

If you have large windows, it is especially important to choose wide curtains, otherwise the curtains can look too minimalistic in comparison.

How wide should curtains be in order not to make your window smaller?

Windows are beautiful, show them! Depending on how you hang your curtains, you can both reduce and spoil the impression of your windows.

A curtain rail that is as wide as, or just a few centimeters wider than, the window will mean that the curtains cover quite a lot of the window. This actually makes the window look much smaller than it actually is.

Solution : Hang the curtains wide. The curtain rail should be longer than the window is wide, then you can place the curtains on the side of the window and thus maximize the light let-in. A good rule of thumb is to choose curtains that are twice as wide as the window, then it looks nice even when the curtains are drawn.

How wide should curtains be in order not to be too narrow?

Most people buy a pair of curtains and hang one curtain on each side of the window. If you have a large window area, it can easily look thin with a narrow curtain. It will not be proportional with really large windows and very narrow curtains.

Solution : More fabric! Fill in properly, it will immediately be much prettier and have a warmer and more luxurious feeling. You can either buy double width curtains or choose to buy another set of curtains. For large windows, it makes a huge difference when you get extra fabric.

Double curtains for extra width

The more fabric the better! This is a good guideline when deciding how wide your curtains should be.

Today, it is popular to decorate with double curtains, a so-called hotel feel, a pair of bright and sheer curtains that let in light and a pair of heavier ones that can hang outside the thin ones.

If you are going to have this solution, you have to expect that the total width of your curtains will be a little more because the sheer curtains will stick out behind the thicker curtains.

However, it doesn't matter that the sheer curtains hang a bit in front of the window as they still let in a lot of light.

We have a large selection of curtains in our range, all of which can be made to measure in length to fit your room.

We help you with how wide curtains you should have

Do you need help figuring out how wide your curtains should be?

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Contact our customer service or book a free consultation and we will come out to you and come up with the best curtain solution together!

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