At Fanny Nilsson's home

Article published at: Jul 13, 2023 Article tag: Hemma hos
Hemma hos Fanny Nilsson
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Fanny is a lifestyle influencer who lives in a charming villa close to forest and nature. Stepping into Fanny's home is like shutting off completely from the noise outside. We had the honor of supplying curtains for a 17 meter window section.

Fanny Nilsson

Fanny has really created a home where you feel relaxed. View of green trees, bay windows that span the entire room and our coarse linen curtain that lets in enough light to make it feel airy.

The living room gives a retro feel, where a beige-brown leather sofa with an aged look is combined with dark brown leather armchairs. A unique combination that truly reflects Fanny's personal style. The lamp that hangs over the coffee table is a beauty in itself and the soft lighting creates a warm feeling in the room. At Fanny's home, you will find many candles in different shapes, sizes and materials that also contribute to a peaceful environment.

Coarse linen curtain in the living room

In the kitchen, the natural tone continues. Everything from the ashy wooden table to the scented candles with natural variations create a harmonious atmosphere. This is a place where you can sit and feel an inner peace while looking at the landscape through the window.

Coarse linen curtain in the kitchen

On the other side of the room we are greeted by a beautiful marble table in a natural beige color. The table's unique design makes it stand out. Here, too, there are beige and brown details that match our coarse linen curtain in the color sand. Our exclusive curtain, made of linen and viscose, has a heavier drape and is perfect for those who don't want it too transparent. Fanny has chosen curtains with pleats, which you can see by the fact that the rail is not visible and by the small even folds of the curtains.

Coarse linen curtain in the living room

Let yourself be inspired by a home with a calm tone and a restful atmosphere.