At Emma Melin's home

Article published at: Oct 19, 2023
Hemma hos Emma Melin
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Emma Melin is an interior design influencer with over 100,000 followers on Instagram. She offers insightful interior design tips where light shades and modern details reflect her personal style. In addition to this, we have also had the privilege of following the Melin family's adventure in building their dream home - an incredibly beautiful architect-designed barn in the Stockholm Archipelago. We were honored to be a part of their journey by providing curtains for all rooms.

Tunn linnegardin i vardagsrum

Light floods through the entire window area in the living room, offering a tranquil view of nature. The high ceiling in this room creates a sense of spaciousness. White sofas with soft, inviting shapes and a modern marble table give a statement look to the room.

The kitchen is integrated with the living room and features a beautiful wooden table along with matching chairs. This decor provides contrast while fitting into the overall style. Our thin linen curtain elegantly frames the rooms. Emma has chosen an ivory color to complement the decor.

The bedroom has a truly magical atmosphere, with a feeling of floating among the clouds. The entire decor maintains a harmonious white shade, including the comfortable bed that almost resembles a cloud, and the fluffy white duvet. To complete the style, Emma has selected our thin white linen curtain, along with a blackout curtain in the same shade. It's truly a place of calm and harmony.

A well-functioning children's room is designed to include play and rest while offering practical storage. The Melin family has successfully combined this with adorable decor. Small details, such as the canopy over the bed, elegantly harmonize with our thin linen curtain.

The bathroom is an absolute dream with a limestone-like surface. The dark wooden vanity adds warmth and character to the room, and the light streaming through the window is gently diffused by our elegant white linen curtain. Let yourself be inspired by the Melin family's architect-designed barn, where light colors and modern details create a sense of timeless elegance.