At Ines Kokic's home

Article published at: Nov 12, 2023
Hemma hos Ines Kokic
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Ines Kokic is a lifestyle influencer with over 200,000 followers on Instagram. She generously shares her family life, travels, and daily routine. In 2023, the family moved to a delightful turn-of-the-century apartment, and we were commissioned to deliver curtains for all the rooms.

A consistently modern and luxurious interior design style characterizes the entire home, with impressive ceiling height, detailed stucco work, and our curtains that complement the overall look.In the exclusive kitchen, various shades of beige harmonize alongside a dark brown wooden table that adds a sleek contrast. Simple details such as a vase with fresh flowers and minimalist-designed candle holders on the table contribute to the style without overwhelming. It's these small, simple choices that collectively give the interior a stylish and thoughtful touch. Here, Ines chose our beige linen curtain, which complements the decor perfectly.When you step into the living room, you're greeted by an elegant beige-toned sofa, a wooden table, and a matching teddy armchair. The thin linen curtain enhances the room's elegant atmosphere. Small elements like cozy pillows, a transparent glass vase that allows the flowers to shine through, and beautiful moldings along the ceiling create a dreamy living space.In the small nursery, Ines has opted for soft colors. Our sand-colored blackout curtain creates a calming environment for the little ones when it's time to rest.In the bedroom, Ines has chosen light colors to create a pleasant and cohesive atmosphere. Simple and minimalist decor characterizes the room, complemented by our light brown blackout curtain and our off-white hotel-style curtain.