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Article published at: Jun 8, 2023 Article tag: Hemma hos
Hemma hos Emma Winterhagen
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Emma Winterhagen is a lifestyle influencer with a following of 60,000 people on Instagram. Through her posts, she shares her everyday life, exciting trips and inspires in fashion. In 2023, Emma moved to her new apartment and we got to join her interior design journey by supplying curtains for both the bedroom and the living room.

The bedroom has a relaxed atmosphere with soft beige and white tones. The windows are covered in our blackout curtains , which are in an elegant off-white colour, together with our white hotel curtains . The room gets a sophisticated look through details such as a beige headboard and LED lights under the bed.

Blackout curtainBlackout curtain
When you step into the living room, you are greeted by a wooden coffee table with beautiful interior details. All around there is a stylish beige sofa and armchair. Every detail is carefully thought out, from the white pedestals to the carefully placed LED lighting and curtains that span the entire living room.

Hotel curtain

It is in the living room that Emma spends most of her time. It is the heart of the apartment, the place where everything happens. Here she can work, relax, have friends over and really enjoy the beautiful apartment.

Emma has chosen our white hotel curtain along the entire wall in the living room, which fits perfectly into the whole and contributes to the room's harmony. The LED lighting highlights the beauty of the curtains and gives the room an extra dimension.

Hotel curtain

According to Emma, ​​curtains and flowers are the best ways to create a cozy and welcoming atmosphere in the home. When people come to visit, they often express a 'Wow!' reaction when they see the curtains, says Emma.

Let yourself be inspired by the combination of modern elements with timeless details.