How long should curtains be?

Article published at: May 8, 2023
Hur långa ska gardiner vara?
All Length of curtains

Choosing the right length of your curtains is important to get the right feeling in the room. Curtains that are too short will look strange, while curtains that are too long and drag too much on the floor will look sloppy, and you risk tripping over them.

The length of your curtains depends on whether you want the curtains to float above the floor or flow out a little on the floor. Here you can read more about what to consider when choosing the measurements of your curtains and read more about how to measure to get the right length in your order!

Curtains from ceiling or wall?

Curtains that are allowed to hang all the way from ceiling to floor give a luxurious hotel feeling and a warmth that spreads in the room. In addition, it will feel like the ceiling height is higher.

Feel free to choose wider curtains that can hang along the entire wall for a more cozy feeling.

How long curtains should be when they are to hang from ceiling to floor depends on the ceiling height of the room and whether you have the opportunity to mount the curtain rail directly on the ceiling. Many people prefer long curtains that hang all the way from the ceiling to the floor because this gives a luxurious hotel feeling.

Sometimes, however, it is not possible to attach a curtain rail to the ceiling.

Our best tip is then to find a natural line as high up on the wall as possible, such as a molding or stucco, and mount the curtain rail there.

If you place the curtains too close to the window, there is a risk that the window will look smaller than it actually is.

Floating curtains

Curtains that float just above the floor look classy and sophisticated. The advantage of curtains that float a little above the floor is that the curtains stay clean and fresh longer as they do not come into contact with dust and dirt on the floor. It will also give the room a slightly airier feeling and have a very nice case.

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Trailing curtains

Trailing curtains give extra structure , give the room structure and personality. A softer fabric helps them flow nicely on the floor. The important thing here is that it does not become too much. A small trailer gives the curtain stability and ensures that the waves will lie nicely. Just keep in mind that trailing curtains require a little more maintenance and tend to collect dust.

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