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Article published at: Jun 30, 2023 Article tag: Hemma hos
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Sabina Von Essen is a successful artist whose paintings attract customers all over the world. Her detailed artwork mixes reality and fantasy, abstract and concrete elements. In 2023, Sabina and Lucas, together with their dog Hjördis, found their dream home in a turn-of-the-century apartment. We had the honor of supplying curtains to their fantastic home.

Get an exclusive insight into artist Sabina's home. Discover a world of art, spectacular details and a combination of antique and modern features.

Sabina has been inspired by the Parisian turn-of-the-century style, where characteristic features include chevron parquet floors, a Louis XV-style fireplace and elegant marble details. She has since added modern elements to complete the overall impression. Hotel curtain in the living room When you step into the living room you are greeted by a beautiful vintage table together with a vintage pedestal, combined with modern Gubi armchairs and sofa. The walls are decorated with her own works in different sizes and techniques.

Sabina's goal is that everything should be considered a work of art. She has even drawn detailed sketches of the stucco work on the ceiling. A decorative G can be found on the door frame in the living room, which stands for Grevgatan. hotel curtain in the living room Based on a poll on Instagram, Sabina chose our white hotel curtain. This poll gave followers the option to choose between velvet curtains, a slightly more vintage-inspired style, or hotel curtains, which have a slightly more modern look. Sabina chose to follow the followers' preferences and invest in our white hotel curtain for a modern element.

The bedroom is decorated in light tones and here too we see a lot of art in different forms and materials from different eras and types. To complement the decor, our blackout curtain was chosen in an elegant sand color, which fits in with the overall design and contributes to a sophisticated feel. blackout curtain in the bedroom In the office, you will be impressed by a fantastic chandelier that lights up the entire room. In line with the timeless style of the bedroom, blackout curtains in the color sand were also chosen for the office to create a uniform look. blackout curtain in the home office When you step into the kitchen, you are greeted by one of Sabina's fantastic paintings that covers almost the entire wall. On the side of the painting you will find our hotel curtain in wave, which enhances the elegant feeling in the room. The other wall shines with beautiful lighting and a magnificent crown lamp hangs over the tree table.

Hotel curtain in the kitchen The apartment is like a large art exhibition where every element is carefully thought out. It's not just about her amazing paintings, without every interior detail in the home. Sabina shares her vision and tells us that it is important that each object has a soul and a story that touches and evokes emotions.