At home with Jesper Laursen

Article published at: May 16, 2023 Article tag: Hemma hos
Hemma hos Jesper Laursen
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Jesper Laursen is the founder and runs the interior design company Scandinavian Homes. They style many homes for sale, but also work a lot with interior design projects in private homes and public environments, both in Sweden but also internationally. Jesper also runs the Instagram account Scandinavianhomes with over 1M followers.

In 2023, Jesper moved to a design house in Skurusundet and we had the honor of supplying curtains to this fantastic house.

When you step into the kitchen, you are greeted by an elegant and minimalist style. The oak parquet creates an inviting environment, while the large windows let in plenty of light. Our coarse linen curtain in the color sand extends over the entire window area and gives a feeling of simplicity. A detail that catches one's attention is the marble pedestal with a beautiful vase, it adds to the overall style of the room.

The living room is decorated with the same elegance where marble is the focus. Along the wall is a sofa in a beautiful shade of greige, and in the middle of the room stands a marble coffee table surrounded by unique interior details. There are eye-catching details such as unique plants, a marble pedestal and a lamp in the same material. To complete the overall style, you will find our coarse linen curtain in a natural sand color, which goes perfectly with a cozy rug in the same shade.

The bedroom is simply decorated with earthy colors that create a relaxing feeling. Our sand-colored blackout curtain was chosen here, which is combined with our white hotel curtain . The bedroom is designed for a good night's sleep and offers a place for relaxation.