At Sendi Skopljak's home

Article published at: May 16, 2023 Article tag: Hemma hos
Hemma hos Sendi Skopljak
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Sendi Skopljak is a successful lifestyle influencer with over 558,000 followers on Instagram. Here she shares everything about her everyday life, travels and provides fashion inspiration.

At Sendi's home, there is a consistent theme of light and beige tones that create a harmonious atmosphere.

When you step into the living room, you are greeted by an inviting feeling. The walls are painted in a greige shade that makes the room feel airy. In the center of the room stands a fantastic marble coffee table decorated with beautiful details.

In the kitchen, the natural color palette continues with elements of wood. A wooden dining table is surrounded by cozy teddy chairs, which gives a warm and inviting impression.

Through the entire living room and kitchen, our coarse linen curtain in the color sand stretches along the walls. This unified style creates context and balance in the room, while enhancing the natural colors.

Let yourself be inspired by the natural and harmonious atmosphere that permeates the rooms.

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