What is the difference between Wave and Veckband?

Article published at: May 17, 2023
Vad är skillnaden mellan Wave och Veckband?
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We at Gardinex offer two types of curtains. Wave blinds and pleated blinds. So, what then is the difference between these two?

The big difference between these two curtains is how it hangs and folds.

Wave curtain

also called lounge curtains, is characterized by its billowing waves that become symmetrical and even due to the curtain being hung with pleat hooks at fixed sliding distances under the rail. This is made possible because the slide is attached to a string where the distances are even. The waves can be adjusted so that they become smaller or larger, and with the appropriate textile, the wave movement can be maintained throughout the full length of the drapery. It is also the sewing method that requires the most fabric to create the pleat.

Wave curtains are most often seen in social rooms to create a modern, harmonious and luxurious atmosphere. Not only do they look beautiful when held up, but stack back very neatly when not in use, helping to maximize the light in a room. When it comes to installing wave curtains, it needs a little more space due to its shape and will "stick out" about 10 cm from the wall.

Pleated curtain

has more of a tight pleat compared to the wave curtain. This curtain is hung with finger hooks instead of shirring tape hooks. These finger hooks lift the curtain so that it hides the track where the curtain hangs, while pleated tape hooks allow the curtain to hang just below the track. The pleated tape curtain does not take up as much space and works great in tight spaces. The tight shape in the upper part contributes to a relaxed looseness in the lower part.

The pleated curtain fits in all types of rooms and works as an excellent choice in, for example, bedrooms where the space is usually tighter than in other rooms. They are also a perfect choice when you want double layers of curtains, for example as a complement behind the blackout curtain to create the luxurious hotel feel. This is because it takes up less space during installation and each rail "sticks out" approx. 5 cm from the wall. Last but not least, the pleated curtain is a classic curtain that gives a timeless atmosphere in all types of rooms and environments.

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