How to hang your new curtains

Article published at: May 8, 2023
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It can be difficult to know what is the right suspension and how to get it. Here are our best tips for how to succeed with your new curtains.

Simple suspension

We want it to be as easy as possible to buy made-to-measure curtains from us. We have therefore simplified the process for you and already done all the preparatory work required before you hang your new curtains!

You do not need to buy any hooks for your order. You also don't need to thread any hooks on the curtain. You get the curtain delivered with the correct number of hooks already in place. We have done all the preparatory work to make it as easy as possible for you!

If you have also purchased with a curtain rail in your order, it will be delivered with the correct number of slides that match the hooks on the curtain. Your custom-made curtains are ready for easy hanging immediately upon delivery - without the need for any preparatory work!

Get them the right waves with wave

Start from the left side and insert the first hook. Then insert the second hook and pull the scale towards you. Then insert the third hook and press the scale against the wall. Then repeat the process until the curtain is hung. The last step is to check that the first wave on the left and the first wave on the right point out. If this is the case, the suspension is correct.

Steam and spray the curtains

We want to advise you not to forget some important details at the end. Feel free to steam the curtains after hanging! A wrinkled curtain can create an unsightly impression on your window.

Then finish off with a final touch by spraying some linen water on your new curtains! It gives the curtains a wonderful scent and a freshly washed feeling.

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